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August 2014
Annual Child Spree Back-to-School Shopping

We gathered for our annual ChildSpree on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the JC Penney's at Tulsa Promenade Mall. It was announced that the club would provide $150 per child this year as opposed to the typical $100 that we have given in the past. Henry Primeaux then added an additional $50 to that amount per child giving us $200 to spend on the 50 children selected through Restore Hope. Restore Hope is the non-profit that we work with not only on this project but for our Christmas project as well.

Thanks to: Mike Ashley and Cheryl Ashley, Brad Gemeinhart, Deirdra Dexter, Richard Jaeger, Steve Kunzweiler and Jenny Kunzweiler, Larry Henry, Joan Henry and Nana Henry, Roger Herring and Dawn Herring, Terry Kolkmann and Valarie Kolkmann, Mike Lang and Tracy Lang, George Strella, Sommer Lyons, Bard Moss, Monty Berry, Ron Smithand JoAnne Smith, Ann VanDeWiele, Brian Walker and Amanda Walker, Dave Kaufmann, Paul Davalos and Tamara Davalos, Lauren Gallier and other guests of members: Georgia Frazier, Jodi Rahm, Dee Tipton, Travis Burns, and Ashleigh Armstrong,

Interesting to note that Jodi Rahm was a guest of Mike Mazzei, she works with him at Raymond James. She's interested in joining our club, but really wanted to help out Saturday. This was one of Sommer Lyons first events was just voted on as a member on Monday, August 4! It was Paul Davalos' 2nd meeting with Kiwanis since he joined. Overall a very interesting turn out!

BIG THANKS to everyone for helping out on this project and to Steve Collins who chaired the event. And thanks again to Henry Primeaux for making that generoud gift to help out this project.


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