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Member Recognition
By definition, volunteers don’t get paid for what they do. Yet most do receive some sort of paycheck—a feeling of being appreciated for their work. What form that paycheck takes depends on the person and the act of service. When it comes to shows of appreciation, one size does not fit all. Recognizing members’ value, their investment, their contribution is key to retaining our members and motivating them to stay invested and involved in our club.
In the Kiwanis Club of Tulsa, we have several Member Recognition Programs:

Layman of the Year
This award is presented annually to the Kiwanian who, through his club, church, and community activities, has made an exceptional contribution to the spiritual life of, or within, the community. Click here to learn more about this award and see a listing of past recipients.

Youth Services Award
This annual honor is made to the member of our club who has been active in serving the youth through club projects and in other arenas of involvement. Click here to learn more about this award and see a listing of past recipients.

Perfect Attendance
Members who achieve perfect attendance receive a tab to be attached to their membership pin. The tab indicates the number of years that they have achieved this honor. These awards are made in October/November.

Legion of Honor
This honor is presented annually to the members who have served our club for a minimum of 25 years. They are awarded a certificate and pin signifying the achievement. After the initial 25-year mark, members are honored every five years for their continued involvement with the club. Click here to learn more about this award and see a listing of past recipients.

George F. Hixson Fellowship
This honor was established in the 1983-84 Kiwanis year by the Kiwanis International Foundation. These awards are available to persons who contribute $1,000 to the foundation. Our club makes a contribution in the name of the recipient to include them onto this pretigious list. Click here to learn more about this award and see a listing of past Tulsa recipients.

Kiwanian of the Quarter/Year
This award is made by the President through the input of a committee selected by him/her. Nominations for the honor are accepted from the membership at-large. The award is designed to honor the member who has made a significant contribution to the success of the club by going above and beyond the call of duty. Any member in good standing is eligible for the award. The Kiwanian of the Year Award is presented to the member who has most exemplified the Objects of Kiwanis and made a significant contribution to the Kiwanis Club of Tulsa.

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Kiwanis Club of Tulsa Foundation
The community and charitable purposes of Kiwanis are served through your foundation. Much personal effort on the part of Kiwanians, and the vision and the foresight of some of our Past Presidents have produced an excellent means whereby direct supplementation is possible to the Foundation’s well being. There are many occasions that call for our thoughtful remembrance of persons in trouble and despair, and a gift by you to the Kiwanis Foundation, in remembrance for any other held in high esteem, not only creates a fitting tribute to the one remembered, gives a warm lift to the grieved, but also gives keep satisfaction to yourself knowing that in the memory of a friend some good work will be done.

Coupled with the deep satisfaction of a warm memory honored, there is the practical aspect; a tax deduction for a worthwhile charity. So please talk to your friends about our Foundation and encourage them to use the Tulsa Kiwanis Club Foundation for a memorial or charitable contribution. Many of the less fortunate will add to your “thank you”.

Our local foundation receives and maintains a fund of real or personal property or both for the Kiwanis Club of Tulsa to better and more fully carry on its work with the underprivileged boys and girls who live in our community.

The foundation offers opportunities for giving in several ways:
Immediate Outright Gifts
Life Insurance Gifts
Bequests in Wills
Gift Plans that Provide Life Income

Any gifts should be made payable to:
The Tulsa Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc.

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Kiwanitas Organization
At a Kiwanis meeting held on January 15, 1940, President Toomey introduced Mrs. Toomey who spoke briefly to the Club on the idea of organizing the wives of the members. After her departure, the Club was asked to express themselves regarding an organization such as this . All were heartily in accord.

So, the wives of the members of the Kiwanis Club of Tulsa were organized in January 1940 as a ladies group and chose the name of “Kiwanitas.” The object of the organization is an opportunity for the ladies to know each other, to promote friendliness among the families of the Kiwanis Club, and to aid and cooperate with the Kiwanis Club in its programs.

Kiwanitas meet at 11:45 am on the third Friday of the month, September through May. The Executive Board meets on the first Friday of each month. The club’s colors are silver and blue.

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Payment of Club Dues
Kiwanis Club of Tulsa bills go out monthly. Typically the invoice is delivered at a club meeting or through e-mail, however some members elect to have theirs in a paper format. The invoices cover meals and applicable local dues. 
Texas-Oklahoma District and Kiwanis International dues are billed annually in October. Other items may be included on the member's account at their request.

Dues Structure
Kiwanis International & T-O District Annual Dues

Local Monthly Dues

Club Meeting Noon Meals = $11.50
Club Meeting Evening Meals = $25

Paying your Kiwanis bill is easy. 
You can bring a check to any club meeting and give it to the Treasurer. 

You can also mail your payment to:

Kiwanis Club of Tulsa 
125 West 15th Street 
Suite 102 
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

A third option has been set up to make staying current 
with your account simple and easy.

We are now accepting payments for dues via Paypal. You do not have to set up a Paypal account to use this feature. There will be an balance on your account of approximately 3% due to the Paypal handling fees. 
Click the button below to get started using this option.

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