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The community and charitable purposes of Kiwanis are served through your foundation.  Much personal effort on the part of Kiwanians, and the vision and the foresight of some of our Past Presidents have produced an excellent means whereby direct supplementation is possible to the Foundation’s well being.  There are many occasions that call for our thoughtful remembrance of persons in trouble and despair, and a gift by you to the Kiwanis Foundation, in remembrance for any other held in high esteem, not only creates a fitting tribute to the one remembered, gives a warm lift to the grieved, but also gives keep satisfaction to yourself knowing that in the memory of a friend some good work will be done.

Coupled with the deep satisfaction of a warm memory honored, there is the practical aspect; a tax deduction for a worthwhile charity.  So please talk to your friends about our Foundation and encourage them to use the Tulsa Kiwanis Club Foundation for a memorial or charitable contribution.  Many of the less fortunate will add to your “thank you”.

Our local foundation receives and maintains a fund of real or personal property or both for the Kiwanis Club of Tulsa to better and more fully carry on its work with the underprivileged boys and girls who live in our community.

The foundation offers opportunities for giving in several ways:

Immediate Outright Gifts
Life Insurance Gifts
Bequests in Wills
Gift Plans that Provide Life Income


Any gifts should be made payable to:
The Tulsa Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc.

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